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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

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My office will have discussed with you and arranged the date of your surgery, and they will talk with you about getting to the hospital and what time, etc.  The majority of patients go home the same day of the operation, late in the afternoon or early in the evening.  DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT ON THE DAY OF YOUR OPERATION.  If you have had anything to eat or drink during this period, you might vomit when you are given your anesthesia, and the consequences of that are severe pneumonia and possible death.

I will see you just before the surgery and talk to your family after the surgery is over.  The surgery itself is done with you asleep or with a regional or spinal anesthetic and occasionally a local.  The anesthesiologist will talk with you just prior to your surgery regarding this.  

The arthroscope is a small telescope with a fiber optic light transmission system which enables me to see inside your knee. The knee is distended or filled with a salt solution, called saline, to make it easier for me to see inside and around your knee.  You have three or four (or perhaps more) small, 3-5 mm puncture wounds to allow the passage of the arthroscope and other small instruments into your knee which are used to remove the damaged or diseased cartilage and tissues, as well, as to remove the saline.

Dr. Longobardi offers unique office services:

  • A Creative tracking system for patient examination
  • Quick, confidential access to one's medical history
  • Digital X-Rays at the time of examination

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