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Total Knee Replacement

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The following information is designed to present an overview of a Total Knee Replacement. This applies particularly to those patients who have arthritis in their knee, or knees, which has progressed to the stage that the pain in the knee is making it difficult or impossible to carry out their activities of daily living or work activities. The primary reason to do this operation is to improve or substantially relieve your pain. Secondary reasons are to gain motion and correct deformity.

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I will try to answer the following questions which are most commonly asked.

When should the surgery be done or should I have it?

The decision to have the surgery or not to have the surgery ultimately is your decision. As mentioned above, when your pain and dysfunction is severe enough to impact your work and activities of daily living, that is usually the time to consider a total knee replacement. I will make every effort, and this handout is one of those efforts, to be sure that you are informed of the nature of the operation and what to expect, both good and bad. If I have done my job in this area, you should be able to decide whether or not you would like to proceed with the surgery, delay your decision for a period of time or indefinitely, or not to have it at all.

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