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Total Knee Replacement

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How long will I be in the hospital?

The main goal of rehabilitation and physical therapy, while in the hospital and after discharge, is to regain motion and satisfactory strength in your knee. This includes the ability to straighten out the knee, which is in most cases, the most difficult aspect, as well as to regain the bend or flexion in the knee. A machine will be used to help you move your knee while you are in the hospital and can be rented and taken home after you are discharged. Most patients go home about three or four days after the surgery. Most do begin to bear full weight immediately after the surgery and will graduate from a walked or crutches to a cane after about three to four weeks. It takes at least three to six months to recover from the surgery and get your strength back.

How long will it take to get over it, and what can I expect?

After two to three months, you can resume walking, golfing, and biking, if desired. You can swim within about two weeks after the surgery, and if there is a therapy pool at the therapy facility, this can be used for rehabilitation. I ask my patients not to run, jump, or participate in activities or sports which require that running or jumping be done. You can expect, in the absence of complication, a knee that hurts a lot less than it did and, hopefully, one that functions and moves better. It will not be “normal” and you will have some aches and pains, clicks and pops.

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