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Total Knee Replacement

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How long will the knee replacement last?

The life of the implant is difficult to predict with certainty. We can tell you what the results are in operations that were done 10 years ago, but techniques and implants have changed during that period of time. The life span of today’s implants are certainly expected to be longer than they were 10 – 15 years ago, and can range from 10- 20 years. Factors which have a negative impact on the life of the implant are: young age, excessive weight, inappropriate activity level such as work activities which require you to be on your feet constantly, running, jumping, and excessive walking. Patients over 65 with moderate to low demands and normal weight can probably reasonably expect the implant to last as long or nearly as long as they do. On the other end of the spectrum, a patient in his or her 40’s, overweight, with high demand and activity level can expect an earlier failure, possibly as early as 5 – 10 years after surgery.

We do everything we can to prevent all the above complications and to relieve pain. In spite of that, complications still occur in a small percentage of cases, and some patients experience more pain that they feel like they should have. The odds are, however, on the side of the patient not having any complications or undue pain and getting a good result.

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