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Total Shoulder Joint Replacement

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1.Your preoperative testing, x-rays and examination will be done in the weeks prior to surgery. You will be admitted to the hospital the morning of surgery. This allows you to be with your family the night before surgery.

2. An anesthesiologist will discuss with you the type of anesthesia appropriate for you. This may consist of a regional anesthetic which affects only your shoulder and arm. You will also be given medications through your IV which keep you relaxed, comfortable and somewhat sedated. The other option is general anesthesia.

3. You will be given intravenous antibiotics before surgery and for 48 hours post-operatively to help prevent infection. You may also be given other pre-operative medications.

4. Once in the operating room you will meet the staff consisting of nurses, physicians and technicians. You will be positioned on the operating table and made comfortable. Your head is positioned away from the operative shoulder. There is much sterile surgical draping and your head will be partially covered to shield and protect the operative site. The anesthesia staff will remain by your head to monitor your condition throughout surgery. The surgery lasts approximately 2 hours but preparation time will prolong your time in the operating room.

5. After surgery you will be transported to the recovery room and an x-ray of your shoulder will be taken. You will have a dressing on your shoulder, a sling on your operative arm, and possibly a small drainage tube exiting the shoulder.

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