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Total Shoulder Joint Replacement

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The average length of stay in the hospital is 2 days. You will be provided with pain medication throughout your hospital stay and on discharge. The drain will be removed from your shoulder and your dressing will be changed on the first day after surgery. You will be encouraged to be up and around, ambulating in the hospital halls.

Your intravenous line will remain in place for fluids, antibiotics and possible pain medication for 24-48 hours after surgery.
Physical Therapy (PT) is the most important component of a successful result. Beginning the first day after surgery, you will be going to PT twice daily to begin passive stretching and range of motion exercises. You and your nurse will plan to provide a heating pad and pain medication for your shoulder one-half hour before PT.

The Physical Therapy Program will enable you to learn your specific exercises during your hospitalization and after discharge, to continue them at home. The exercises are fairly simple and require a short amount of time two or three times each day. A successful outcome of your total shoulder surgery depends heavily on the faithful performance of your exercises. You will need a partner to assist with exercises at home and this partner should attend at least one Physical Therapy session with you in the hospital.

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