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Clavicle Fracture (Broken Collarbone)

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Whether your treatment involves surgery or not, it can take several months for your collarbone to heal. It may take longer in diabetics or people who smoke or chew tobacco.

Most people return to regular activities within 3 months of their injury. Your doctor will tell you when your injury is stable enough to do so. Returning to regular activities or lifting with your arm before your doctor advises may cause your fracture fragments to move or your hardware to break. This may require you to start your treatment from the beginning.

Once your fracture has completely healed, you can safely return to sports activities.

What to Discuss With Your Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • 1. When will I be able to start using my arm?
  • 2. When can I return to work?
  • 3. Do I have any specific risks for not doing well?
  • 4. If I have surgery, what are the risks and benefits and how long will I be in the hospital?
  • 5. If I do not have surgery what are the risks and benefits?
  • 6. Is my bone weak?
  • 7. Should I be taking calcium and Vitamin D?

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