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Why Didn't I Do It Sooner?

Mrs. Lynn Tercek (Dumont, NJ)
Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
Unicompartmental Knee

“Why didn’t I do it sooner?” is a question Lynn Tercek of Dumont recently asked herself after recovering from partial knee surgery in June followed by hip surgery in August! 

For almost two years, Lynn walked with a cane and used a walker for her terrible knee pain.  Her hesitation to finally see a doctor came only after a friend of Lynn’s husband referred her to Dr. Longobardi.  During a very ‘thorough exam,’  she was diagnosed with ‘severe arthritis in both her knees and right hip.’  Thinking for a few years that total knee replacements were probably in order, she was happy to learn that she was a ‘prime candidate’ for partial knee surgery, something she was unaware existed.  

With an upcoming trip planned in late Fall, Lynn opted to get her left knee attended to first since it was the one that caused more pain.  She also had her hip replaced and is recovering as expected with the help of rehabilitation and determination!   Truly, her procrastination was due to the lack of knowing what the options were for this type of condition.

“Keeping up and walking the decks of a Disney cruise ship in November with my grandchildren is a goal of mine and I might have procrastinated the surgery longer if it were not for the reassurance from Dr. Longobardi about surgery and the rehabilitation that followed placing me in great shape for the trip!”

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