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Can knee braces prevent injuries?

Raphael S. F. Longobardi, MD
Sports Medicine Specialist
Board certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Due to the size of the players, speed of the game and the sheer physical nature of the game, injuries related to playing football are quite common. As a matter of fact, football produces the highest rate of injuries per player per hour than any other sport. The highest injury rates are seen in professional football. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, most injuries occur during actual games, rather than practice; this is because players tend to 'play harder' and take more risks during a game.

AC Joint Sprains/Separation

Shoulder injuries are the third most common group of orthopedic injuries in football. AC Joint (or Acromioclavicular joint ) Sprains/Shoulder Separations are one of the most common types of shoulder injuries sustained in football. Although quarterbacks are usually "off-limits" in practice, they are particularly vulnerable in games when they can get slammed to the ground. Wide receivers are at risk when they go up for a pass and come down shoulder-first hitting the turf. Regardless of the position being played, if an athlete lands on their shoulder, the risk of injuring their AC joint is high, despite protective shoulder pads.

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