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Football and Hydration Concerns

Raphael S. F. Longobardi, MD, FAAOS
Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
Sports Medicine Specialist

Fluid replacement is an important nutritional concern for football players. Approximately 60% of body weight is water.

Football Gear Is For Protection, Not Cooling

As a football player trains and competes, fluid is lost through the skin as sweat, through the lungs as he breathes and as urine. If fluid is not replaced at regular intervals during a game or training it can quickly lead to dehydration.

Football players are at increased risk of dehydration in part because of their equipment needs. Football gear is designed for protection, but the necessary padding does not allow for quick evaporation or cooling. It's not uncommon for players to lose anywhere between 5-15 pounds during a game or workout, especially during two-a-day practices.

A Flyer Bounces Back


Jamie Luna
Cheerleader; Montclair State University

When your passion for a sport starts when you are five years old and eventually defines the course of your education, an injury is not something that is taken lightly.

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